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    Wearing the right footwear for walking

    If you’re looking to improve your health, you can’t go past good old-fashioned walking. And with the 2015 Oxfam Trailwalker Series about to kick off, we provide some helpful tips on choosing the right footwear to help you walk your way to a healthier you in comfort and style.

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    For Kids

    Stick With Exercise

    When it's too cold, too hot or you're too tired, making sure you are physically active for an hour a day can feel like hard work. So what are the tricks to developing a daily exercise habit – and sticking with it?

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Asthma And Strong Smells

Written by Kate Kellaway

Some common household products may trigger asthma symptoms.

Regular cleaning can help to reduce the amount of asthma triggers – such as dust mites and pet dander – around your house. But before you embark on a cleaning frenzy, stop and consider what you plan to use. Many household cleaning products contain chemicals or fragrances that in themselves can trigger asthma symptoms. 


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