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  • Cycling

    Is It All About The Bike?

    Can you justify spending several thousand dollars on the carbon fibre bicycle of your dreams? Or are there better ways to boost your cycling performance?

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    Mental Health

    Quitters Happier And Less Anxious

    Many smokers who are struggling to quit believe that smoking lifts their mood and helps them to cope with stress. However, quitting is linked to improvements in mental wellbeing including decreases in anxiety and depression that can be equivalent to taking anti-depressants.

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Mind Your Mind

Written by Kellie Heywood

Being healthy is not just about looking after our bodies – we also have to pay attention to our minds too.

Have you ever heard the saying “healthy body, healthy mind”? What it means is that if you look after your body – by doing regular exercise and eating well – you’ll generally feel better and think more clearly.


Using our health and fitness calculators will help you get the facts on your lifestyle.