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    Moderate Exercise Is Enough

    It might seem like stating the obvious but a combination of diet and moderate exercise produces significant weight loss and improved fitness in women.

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    Future Proof Your Quit Effort

    You've come a long way in the past couple of months. Now it's time to change the way you think and consider strategies for staying quit – both for the immediate future and the rest of your life.

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Train For Muscle Symmetry

Written by Professor Gordon S. Lynch

In weight training it's easy to fall into the trap of only doing your preferred exercises and neglecting others.

You know the deal. You want big biceps so you focus on building up the arms and run out of time in your workout to complete any exercises for your legs ... squats, for instance. The result could be you develop an unbalanced body such as the ‘toffee apple' - a big upper body and comparatively scrawny legs. Even though you might strongly prefer some exercises to others, you should remember that for proper overall muscle development, symmetry is what you should be striving for.


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