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    Crunch On A Carrot

    Parents make lots of strange claims about food. There's no way that eating bread crusts makes hair go curly … so should you believe adults when they say carrots help you see in the dark?

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    When Can New Parents Expect A Decent Night’s Sleep?

    New parents starved of sleep by newborn arrivals to their household can rest assured things will get better. Scientists say most infants should be capable of sleeping eight hours without waking by six months of age.

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Vegetables Push Blood Pressure Down

Written by Tim Pegler

People who eat more vegetable protein tend to have lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is sometimes called the “silent killer” because more often than not you can’t feel the symptoms and there are few warning signs. Having high blood pressure increases your risk for getting heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. High blood pressure can affect anyone of any race, age or gender. It can be controlled to a certain extent by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


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