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    Preventing cervical cancer

    A quick and easy test can prevent 1,200 cases of cervical cancer every year, so why are Pap smears such a sensitive subject?

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    From East To West

    The traditional Asian diet and lifestyle is one that promotes excellent health and longevity. But what happens to health and lifestyle when you take the boy out of Beijing and move him to Brisbane, Birmingham or Boston?

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Waist Watch Alert

Written by Professor Gordon S. Lynch

Scientists have found that one of the best ways of predicting which men will be stricken with type 2 diabetes is simply to measure the circumference of their waist.

Being obese puts people at major risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Simple ways that have been used to predict this risk include the measurement of body mass index (BMI) - a weight-to-height ratio, or a person's waist-to-hip ratio.


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