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  • Digestive Problems

    Detox diets: fact or fiction?

    Feeling a little sluggish? Detox diets are popular but are they all they’re cut out to be? Here we debunk the myths about detoxing and provide some healthy advice to achieve better health for the long-term.

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    Strength Training

    Workout Your Hunger

    If you're trying to control your food intake, science suggests that working up a sweat is a good option.

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Why Warm Up?

Written by Dr Noel Duncan

When you were young you never had to warm up before climbing a tree or playing tag. So why is pre-exercise warm up now an accepted, even expected, part of exercise? And how should you do it?

Warming up brings a multitude of benefits and it is for these reasons that the warm up is now ingrained in any exercise session program design. Two of the most obvious reasons for warming up include an increase in your physical capabilities and a reduced chance of injury.


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